The api returns data in JSON format


"status": "100",
"data": {
"input_tel": "01304383838",
"input_iso": "GB",
"country_code": 44,
"e164": "+441304383838",
"rfc3966": "tel:+44-1304-383838",
"international": "+44 1304 383838",
"national": "01304 383838",
"line_type": "FIXED_LINE",
"location": "Dover, United Kingdom",
"time_zone": [
"carrier": "BT",
"allocated": "15.07.1994"
"summary": "Live",
"message": "Number dialled is active",
"remaining_credits": "492"

landlinecheck returns the following data via the api:

Data Example Description
Response Code 100 Landline Response Code
Tel No 01304383838 UK Landline Number (National Format)
ISO Code GB ISO Country Code
Country Dial Code 44 International Country Dialling Code
e164 +441304383838 Number in e164 format
rfc3966 tel:+44-1304-383838 Number in rfc3966 format
International +44 1304 383838 Number in international format
National 01304 383838 Number in national format
Line Type FIXED_LINE Line Type
Location Dover, United Kingdom Geographical Location
Time Zone Europe-London Time Zone
Carrier BT Original Carrier name (source: Ofcom)
Allocated 15.07.1994 Date number range was allocated to original carrier (source: Ofcom)
Summary Live Summary Result (Live, Retry, Dead)
Message Number dialled is active Line status description (see Response codes for detailed information)
Credits 492 Remaining Credits